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April 2020 Owners Letter

Posted by carbonate on April 8, 2020


April 10, 2020


Dear Owner:


                We are going through unprecedented times as we all deal with the COVID-19 pandemic occurring world-wide.   As everyone knows the Governor of Colorado closed all ski resorts in our State on the 15th of March, for what we thought was going to be a week.  Almost a month later has intensified our Governor’s directive to now include a stay at home order.   Hopefully, we will all get through this and return to some semblance of where we were soon.


                Interestingly, this week our local Summit County Government reminded everyone that short term rentals are forbidden and the Denver Post had an article predicting a post-virus real estate bump in Vail, as people leave cities for our mountain environments.   It will be interesting to see how lives are changed once this pandemic is behind us.   Certainly, things will change.


                Short term rentals are likely to be impacted in the future.  I am concerned, as a lodging business operator, regarding the liability of having one group check out the same day a new group checks in.  Cleaning methods certainly are going to have to be reviewed.  Our past model of owners making money via rental income is likely to be modified.  Hotels and lodging facilities will be forced to change methods.


                Locally, the Metropolitan District Board voted, during a joint phone meeting of both Districts, held on April 3, 2020, to accept the ‘Pre-Inclusion IGA – between the Copper Mountain Consolidated Metropolitan District (CMCMD) and the Lake Dillon Fire Protection District’.   This will allow the voters of the two Districts to vote on a consolidation of the fire departments of the CMCMD and Lake Dillon, which have been operating as an Authority for the past year.   Also, the three vacant seats on the Metropolitan District Board were filled by the three board members whose terms expire in May.  Since only those three submitted the nomination form required by the end of February, no election will occur.  The three will serve for a three-year term.  They are:  Jim Reis, Dave Steele and Tom Malmgren.  They join Ben Broughton and Stan Sprinkle making up the five-member board.


                Reading the 2019 - March Newsletter, we were dealing with large amounts of snowfall, avalanches and gas leaks.  Minor items compared to what we are encountering this year.  Hopefully next month’s news will be closer to an end of the pandemic.


                Stay safe.  We all need to comply with suggested rules to expedite our ability to get closer to the end what we are encountering.



Tom Malmgren



Realtor Tom Malmgren of Carbonate Real Estate - Copper Mountain Colorado
Carbonate Real Estate
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