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July2020 Owners Letter

Posted by carbonate on July 10, 2020


 July 10, 2020


Dear Owner:

                 We got through the 4th of July weekend with a lot of activity at Copper Mountain as limited activities were reopened.   There were many owners who came to Copper for the weekend and several renters.   Most renters are long term people with us.  They are staying anywhere from a week to several months.  Summit County was very busy even though fireworks were prohibited throughout towns and the


               Locally, the installation of a tennis court has been completed.  This was a contingency of the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy for the new hotel under construction on the Chapel Lot.   Thus, if you wish to play tennis, the court is now complete and ready for your use.  Reservations are not required at this point.  Lines for pickleball were apparently added to this installation. We noticed that carpeting has been delivered at the hotel site, so installation is right around the corner.


                We at Carbonate are observing the County Health Department’s rules for short term rentals.  Those include waiting 24 hours after a unit becomes vacant to enter/clean and recommending that 72 hours exist between rentals.  When we convey the above to you, it is for the protection of all.  We are complying with what the County has in place.  Hopefully if everyone complies now, things will become more liberal in the future. 


                Our weather has been spectacular.  Warm days and cool nights continue to be what attracts people to our mountain environment.  But because we are in the mountains does not mean that efforts to control the virus are not important.  Wearing masks and social distancing are equally as important in our environment, as they are in cities.   We have observed owners without masks and cannot stress the importance of everyone complying with the rules.  We have experienced rental guests leaving the resort because other people have not worn masks in buildings and throughout the village.


                Real estate activity continues to be strong.   Units that are attractively priced are moving very quickly.    Lender involvement has slowed the process down when a loan is involved, but activity remains high.   Throughout Summit County the number of transactions continues to be at almost record levels.   So, if you are thinking about selling it might be an ideal time.   If expanding your holdings at Copper, there are some great opportunities.  Call us today to discuss your desires.


                Thank you for working with Carbonate.  We appreciate your confidence and loyalty.



Tom Malmgren



Realtor Tom Malmgren of Carbonate Real Estate - Copper Mountain Colorado
Carbonate Real Estate
Copper Mountain, Colorado

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