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June 2020 Owners Letter

Posted by carbonate on June 2, 2020

June 10, 2020

 Dear Owner:

                The impacts of the Covid – 19 continue to be our challenge.  Copper Mountain is pretty much closed down with plans to re-open July 4th, with scenic lift rides up the Woodward Lift (Union Creek base area), the golf course (full 18 holes we are told), disc golf, hiking, biking, possibly the Rocky Mountain Coaster and limited food and beverage offerings.   Things that are difficult to sanitize, like the bumper boats, the go carts, the zip line will not be open this summer.


                Usual clean-up efforts throughout the village are underway.  While the past few weeks have been slow, we are definitely in need of significant clean up.


                The Hotel on the Chapel Lot seems to be progressing, but at a slow pace.  We have heard that the A-Lift development is still on but slowed down (thus the full 18 holes of golf this summer).  The extension of the bike path up Fremont Pass (Climax) is underway.   Landscaping around the Elevation Lot just east of the Metropolitan Building has been done, as well as the Powder Lot.  We have inquired but had no schedule of the tennis court completion on the west end of this parking lot.  It must be finished for the county to issue a certificate of occupancy for the Chapel Lot Hotel.


                At the Metropolitan District, the consolidation of the Copper Fire Department with the Lake Dillon Fire District is underway with a vote occurring in November.  You received a letter from the Lake Dillon Fire District outlining their timeline.  We are hoping that this will be supported, but the electors will dictate. 


                We thank you for your patience as we continue to move forward with short term rentals.  The requirements are dictated by the County and State.  We are following their requirements and not everyone agrees with them.   But as a company we must follow what we are required to do.



Tom Malmgren



Realtor Tom Malmgren of Carbonate Real Estate - Copper Mountain Colorado
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