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May 2020 Owners Letter

Posted by carbonate on May 9, 2020


  May 10, 2020


Dear Owner:


                The Summit County Health Department has an order in place, through the Summit County Housing Authority, that restricts the occupancy of hotels and short-term rentals from occurring until June 1, 2020.   As we understand, this will be evaluated and updated on May 20th.   While we are hopeful that short term rentals will be allowed after June 1, we acknowledge that restrictions will be placed upon length of time between occupants, number of occupants, cleaning requirements, etc.   Safety of the public is and should be the number one objective of everyone.


                The enclosed, COVID – 19 ROADMAP to RECOVERY is the most recent written publication that the County has distributed.   Second homeowners are ‘encouraged’ not to come and occupy their properties, unless they are here for maintenance requirements.  This has led to differences of opinions shared by our local paper.   But, if people follow what the County has in place, a vigilant approach is suggested.


                We have had several owners question what cleaning products are used to prepare a property for occupancy.   Our procedures have always been of utmost concern for the owner and traveling public. We use Lysol All Purpose Cleaner in kitchens, Lysol Bathroom Cleaner for baths, Spic and Span Disinfectant Spray – Commercial grade, Spic and Span Glass Cleaner – Commercial grade and Comet for disinfecting and sanitizing – Commercial grade.  Our housekeeping procedures will become even tighter as we proceed forward.


                At the present we have been told that Copper plans to re-open July 4th.  Whether or not food operations will be part of reopening is not determined.  Much has to do with what the County and State dictate.  Social distancing and masks are now accepted as standard procedures and will certainly be in place.   How our future will be impacted is constantly changing.  As we learn more, we will certainly pass on what we know.


                Remodels are underway with restrictions placed upon contractors.  We all hope that things return to some semblance of normalcy, but I’m afraid this will be our ‘new way’ of life for quite some time.


                Stay tuned for changes.



Tom Malmgren




Realtor Tom Malmgren of Carbonate Real Estate - Copper Mountain Colorado
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